Material Editor

Material parameter specifies the feeling of material. For normal ground there is no need to modify the parameters from the default value. Please try to modify the values on your demand.

(1) Ambient

A surface where is not directly lightened seems light to certain extent because of defused reflection from the ambient air. This parameter specifies the strength of this lightness.
If there is shadow on the surface thrown by other terrain use this parameter t specify the strength of the light. There is another parameter for specifying strength of the shadow by setup of the [sun]. The last parameter to specify it is the multiplex of the both parameters.
The value more than 100 can be also set.

(2) Diffuse

specifies light strength on a rough surface.
The value more than 100 can be also set.

(3) Hi-light

specifies light strength from such a material like metal or with high reflection. For normal terrain this factor should not be used for natural feeling. To describe a material with high reflection such as water or a wet rock this factor is added.

- Strength

specifies strength of the reflected light.

- Size

specifies size of the highlight.
The larger the value the the smaller the size of the highlight.
Normally a rough surface has a large highlight and a smooth surface has a small highlight.

(4) Reflection

is valid only for lay-tracing.
This parameter specifies strength of the reflection of landscape on the water etc.
When the transparency is specified the reflection depends on the refraction value. When the reflection value = 1.0 there is no reflection factor any more.

(5) Transparency

is valid only for lay-tracing.
This parameter specifies the strength of the reflection factor of the light going into the water etc.

- Refraction

Lay of the light changes depending on the difference of the refraction ratio. The reflection ratio is specific to the material. Water has 1.3 while glass has 1.5.

- Transparency

specifies transparency of the material such as water.

For each lake there is transparency property. For rending lakes that value has higher priority.

(6) Library

recalls a preset library or a registered material.

(7) Register

registers the material setup.