Setup Mapping Position

On the dialog window for positioning of Mapping on the map you can position the mapping graphic checking the map just as the map viewer window of the Kashmir.

(1) Operations of the Map

The operation of the map is almost identical to that of the map viewer of the Kashmir. Also the right mouse button click is available but part of the functions.
Scale of the map can be changed by the buttons on the left side directly.

(2) Operations of the Graphic

To drag or size the graphic select a function then operate with mouse.

- Move

Drag the graphic to move it.

- Size

Drag the controls on the four corners and four edges of the graphic to re-size it. Use [Shift] button at the same time to hold the aspect of the graphic.

- Add Pin

You can fix points on the graphic by pins. There are two kinds of pin which can be positioned with values by the setup box on the top right side. Pins can also pe positioned by mouse. If two points are fixed the graphic can not be moved or re-sized.

(3) Transparent

provides semi transparency of the graphic so that the map can be seen.